Patricia Rozario Live at Goa Chitra

Patricia Rozario sings at inaugaration of the newly refurbished Royal Opera House Mumbai

BBC Radio 4 – Midweek, Patricia Rozario, Nick Davies

Clocks 1888: The Greener | Cast

Patricia Rozario to be feted by the Prince of Wales – Times of India

Patricia Rozario’s recommended for Pravasi Bharatiya Samman


One thought on “Calendar/News

  1. I just wanted to congratulate you on your singing. I am not a fan of the ordinary human voice: for me it has to be exceptional – Kathleen Ferrier, Janet Baker, Victoria de los Angeles are examples. You are in that category; pure, unsullied, get right up to the high notes with thrilling ease. I have just listened to your singing on John Tavener’s “Eternity’s Sunrise”: it is food for the soul. Thankyou.


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